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Rainy morning monkeys

A few days ago after it rained through the night and into the early morning. Unlike other mornings, I did not have a horde of monkeys awaiting my arrival.

Instead, they were all sitting in the trees in small groups, dozing their late morning away. Like many people, the monkeys also do not like to be out in the rain. So instead, they went to the trees to escape the rain and avoid touching the soggy ground.

At about 10:30 a.m. the monkeys quickly forgot about how much they hate the wet ground when somebody dropped off some bananas.

Morning's like these remind me of how similar primates and people are. We have similar hands, hang out with friends, stay inside during the rain, and are motivated by food!

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We are sorry to report that we are no longher able to accept volunteers. The good news is that the monkeys are OK!

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