Discover the home of the children of Chao Poo


Don Chao Poo Forest, home to over a thousand long-tailed macaque monkeys, is named as the home of the Guardian Spirit of Phana. Don Chao Poo translates roughly as ‘the place of the spirit grandfather or ancestor’. The word ‘Chao’ can also mean Lord or Prince, so ‘Chao Poo’ suggests a very high level of respect or reverence. Chao Poo is thought of as one of the founders of Phana more than 300 years ago. The forest is close to the site of the first settlement.


The ancestors of Phana left Vientiane at a time of social and political upheaval and moved down to Champassak in southern Laos, a long journey that included a stay of about three years near Nakhon Phanom where they repaired the famous ‘That Phanom’. Later, a small group moved across the Mekhong River and settled in Phana.

Nowadays, people come to Don Chao Poo to pay respect to Chao Poo and one way of doing that is to offer food for the monkeys that live in the forest under his protection – “the children of Chao Poo”.


The Biodiversity of the forest

I'm a wild animal stay 1 meter away
It will make me more comfortable if you keep your distance.
Don't stare at us!
We will take this as a sign of agression and we might attack
Don't walk between us
We don't like to be separated from our friends
Don't run & shout
We are easily frightened by loud noises.
Don't touch us!
We are wild animals and my big brothers might think you want to kidnap me and attack you!
Pick up your litter
If you brought plastic in the forest, please use the many litter bins at your disposal.
Feed us small pieces of food
We woud all like to enjoy your offerings to Chao Poo
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The PMP is a completely non-profit organization and therefore relies only on private funds to achieve its goals. If you want to be part of the adventure and help us achieve our ultimate mission, a harmonious life between the monkeys and the inhabitants of Phana, you can volunteer or come and visit Phana and contribute to the project with your accommodation fees. 

Or you can donate small amounts or buy the books of one of the original founders of the PMP, Lawrence Whiting whose knowledge and experience in Thailand inspired him to write several books on Isan and Buddhism. 
Know that all the profit and donations will be used for the sole purpose of improving the daily life of the monkeys by buying them their favorite food and paying the local staff who clean and manage the rubbish in the forest of Don Chao Poo. 

Available as e-books only: 

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Available as e-books only: 

Books Mango, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo

Available as e-books or print on demand. 

Books Mango, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo 

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the author (includes both Isan Son-in- law and Isan Father-in- law). Available only from author at Phana Monkey Project.  

All sales from these books and donations will be donated to the Phana Monkey Project.

Don't run & shout

We are easily frightened by loud noises.