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Live the Phana Life

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Welcome ! 

Welcome to Phana! We are a small rural town that is off the beaten track – for tourists and locals alike. Spend a few days here and you will have a peaceful, authentic experience of life in Thailand that few tourists ever get to see.

Click this link to find out how to get to Phana : 

General advice if you are coming to Phana

Welcome ! 

The Phana Monkey Project hosts researchers, students and interested volunteers with the aim of helping to conserve the monkeys’ habitat (Don Chao Poo Forest). We also offer support to local primary schools whenever we can.

We recommend you spend a minimum of 3 nights / 2 days to get the best out of your stay; only with that lenght of stay you will really learn about the local culture and the monkeys that inhabit the nearby forest. 

We have an attractive exhibition at our Study Centre where you will learn how the monkeys live and how to interact with them in a safe and useful way. Spend time in the forest – watching the monkeys and perhaps offering them some food.

Besides monkeys we have many other things to offer. Visit one of our markets for example, which gives you a good feeling of day-to- day business in the village. The morning market is on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 6am to about 8.30am – and an evening market meets on Thursdays from 4pm to 6.30pm. In the weaving co-operative you can see how they produce hand-woven cotton and silk cloth and you can learn about the natural dying process. If you wish you could even take a piece home.

To finalize your day you can take a relaxing massage at the Thai Traditional Medicine Centre for 300 Baht. They can even show you how they produce the herbal medicines that they sell there.

Phana is home to a 300 year-old Buddhist temple which houses a famous Buddha image. You are welcome to visit it and to take photos. 

If you are interested in seeing the early morning alms round by village monks, your home-stay hostess can easily arrange this. But can you be up before 6.30 am?

You will stay in our Research Centre or in home-stay accommodation with a light breakfast provided. During the day and evening there are several small restaurants, noodle-shops, food stalls and cafes that will provide you with a choice of local and Thai food. We will help you make your choices by giving you menus and food guides in Thai and English.

You will be lended bycicles to discover the countriside, the rice fields and the surroundings of Phana. 

We can also arrange a meeting with Mr Surayuth Singhnak (aka Mr Tong) that will be able to organize a Kayak trip on the canals of Phana.

Phana is also host of a great variety of festivals. The two most known and appreciated by the community are the Dancing Festival during which the Phana villagers turn the city in a great dance floor with a competition at the end.

The other one, occuring a day after is the Rocket Festival during which the villagers shoot giant rockets at the sky to bring rain to the town.


Cost: 300THB per person per night includes:


- Accommodation


- Breakfast


- Introduction to Phana


- Use of bicycle


- Village map with suggested bicycle tour routes

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