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The Phana Monkey Project welcomes students and Thailand enthusiasts who wish to have a volunteer experience. Volunteers from nineteen countries have enjoyed their time in Phana.

 Choose your adventure:

Movies and photography

Don Chao Poo is the perfect place for taking pictures of the monkeys in their natural habitat. 

Check out the work of James and Chris.


Academic research

Students have conducted studies on animal behavior and forest biodiversity. Additionally, the Phana Monkey Project has a close relationship ​with the Traditional Thai Medicine Centre. 


Field studies



Helping in the forest


We wish to recruit short-term (1-4 weeks) volunteers who are willing to help maintain the monkeys environment by providing them with water, food, and a clean habitat. Duties include, keeping feeding areas clean and clearing litter (mostly plastic bags -- litter-pickers provided) and monitoring group movements.


We are only able to take a few volunteers at a time, so please DO NOT APPLY if your main interest is to be with lots of others!


Helping in village schools


Suitably qualified volunteers are needed to help with the teaching of English in small village primary schools in Phana District. You may also assist with educational visits to the forest and our Study Centre (2-4 week stay).

Ethan Earnshaw

Volunteering and Research

May 2013

The research I have been doing I hope will serve as a preliminary study for my Master’s thesis next year. Pensri and Lawrence are keen to encourage research so along with their links to Exeter University in the UK and Mahidol University and Chulalongkorn University here in Thailand other connections are welcome. 

Sarah Jenkins

Our Adventures in Phana

February 2013

You start to notice different characters and the psychological structure of monkey groups. One day as I was walking through the forest I felt a small hand tugging at my trouser leg and it was an adolescent male monkey wanting my attention. He decided to climb up me and sit on my head! I remembered Lawrence’s words ” just keep walking and they will climb off”. 


Volunteering and Travel

June 2016

It was a great experience with time to enjoy the beautiful rice fields landscape riding my bicycle on my way to the forest, to read a little bit about Buddhism, to interact with people from Phana even when we didn’t understand each other (a smile and a sa wad dee ka were a great way to get a big Thai smile). I have to thank especially Lawrence and Pensri for having received me so well, for taking me to know other places and to try new delicious meals! They are doing a great work in the forest, as well as part of the community!


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